Hauptprogramm/Final Program DGKN23

WISSENSCHAFTLICHES PROGRAMM  SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM  | DONNERSTAG, 2. MÄRZ  THURSDAY, MARCH 2 15:40 The impact of epileptic network activity on cognitive performance in temporal lobe seizures and epilepsy Stefan Rampp (Erlangen/DE) 16:05 Cellular immune signatures of autoimmune vs. non-autoimmune temporal lobe seizures and epilepsy Saskia Räuber (Düsseldorf/DE) 14:45–16:30 HÖRSAAL W30 S-08: Symposium Hot abstracts 14:45 GABA induced changes of functional connectivity dissociate amplitude- and phase-coupling during task but not rest Marcus Siems (Hamburg/DE) 14:57 Mapping encoding and flow of task-relevant information from human MEG recordings in a perceptual decision-making task Hamed Nili (Hamburg/DE) 15:09 Large-scale informational connectivity tracks flexible sensory-motor mapping rules in the human brain Ruud van den Brink (Hamburg/DE) 15:21 Mouse resting-state functional neuroimaging displays signatures of criticality Loren Kocillari (Hamburg/DE) 15:33 Brain networks for illusory object detection Andreas Jansen (Marburg/DE) 15:45 Neural correlates of human motion perception at mesoscale: an fMRI study at 7 Tesla Alessandra Pizzuti (Maastricht/NL) 15:57 Microglia play a role in the development of dystonia-like movements in a mouse model for DYT-TOR1A dystonia Lisa Rauschenberger (Würzburg/DE) 16:09 The effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation on auditory perception during dichotic listening Osama Elyamany (Gießen/DE) 15:00–16:30 SEMINARRAUM 14 (N27) S-32: Symposium Habilitiertensymposium 1 15:00 Festination und Freezing bei Parkinson Urban Fietzek (München/DE) 20

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