Hauptprogramm/Final Program DGKN23

POSTERSITZUNGEN  POSTER SESSIONS  | DONNERSTAG, 2. MÄRZ  THURSDAY, MARCH 2 POSTERSITZUNGEN  POSTER SESSIONS Donnerstag, 2. März / Thursday, March 2 13:15–14:35 RAUM 202 (N55) PS-01: Postersitzung Perception 13:15 Cortical excitability shapes somatosensory perception with spatiotempo- rally structured dynamics Tilman Stephani (Leipzig/DE) 13:25 EEG analysis of visually-induced self-motion perception in left- and right-handers Michaela Mcassey (München/DE) 13:35 Investigating cortical and subjective pain responses to nociceptive non-invasive, contact heat stimulation in musicians and non-musicians: A preliminary study Rebecca Divarco (Göttingen/DE) 13:45 Frequency tagging helps understanding multisensory processing of three sensory modalities Rahaf Jourieh (Hamburg/DE) 13:55 Changes in functional and structural connectivity in complex regional pain syndrome: a multicentric study Pavel Hok (Greifswald/DE) 14:05 Determination of central pain modulation biomarkers to characterize and profile cancer patients with refractory pain and adaptation and validation of a home-based transcranial brain stimulation procedure for their palliative care Edris Noori (Göttingen/DE) 14:15 Muscle sympathetic nerve activity in various pain conditions; a microneurography study Linus Olbricht (Gießen/DE) 14:25 Small fiber involvement, neuropathic pain and macrophage-dependen- taxonal pathology in the rat model of experimental autoimmune neuritis Rafael Klimas (Bochum/DE) 13:15–14:35 RAUM 306 (N55) PS-02: Postersitzung Decision making/E-I modulation 13:15 Difference in readout, not encoding, of sensory evidence for continuous decisions dependent on consistency with previous categorical judgment Hame Park (Hamburg/DE) 35

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