Hauptprogramm/Final Program DGKN23

POSTERSITZUNGEN  POSTER SESSIONS  | FREITAG, 3. MÄRZ  FRIDAY, MARCH 3 13:15–14:35 RAUM 206 (N55) PS-18: Postersitzung Other studies 13:15 Non-invasive phase-contrast MRI: Physiology of spinal cord motion and CSF flow at the cervical canal in healthy participants Katharina Wolf (Freiburg/DE) 13:25 Spinal cord motion – evidence of a mid-centered velocity maximum? A comparison of different assessment techniques Katharina Wolf (Freiburg/DE) 13:35 Hypothalamus volumetry in idiopathic intracranial hypertension: a controlled 3-D MRI study with BMI matching Rebecca Kassubek (Ulm/DE) 13:45 Ventriculo-lumbar gradients of glucose and lactate in cerebrospinal fluid Caspar Stephani (Göttingen/DE) 13:55 The effect of bevacizumab on cerebral microstructures in high-grade glioma Rebecca Kassubek (Ulm/DE) 14:05 Association of lipid profile with cognitive function in large vessel occlusion Timo Uphaus (Mainz/DE) 14:15 Neurofilament light chain as a biomarker in hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis: 36-month data from the Patisiran Global Open-Label Extension Kate Gilling (München/DE) 14:25 Morphological differentiation of corneal immunological cells – proposal of pragmatic protocol Fynn Schmitz (Wuppertal/DE) 47

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