ECP 2021 Preliminary Programme

9 ECP 2021 · Virtual Congress Programme Schedule e TUESDAY, 31 AUGUST 2021 Virtual Room 1 VIrtual Room 2 Virtual Room 3 Virtual Room 4 Virtual Room 5 Virtual Room 6 Virtual Room 7 08:15 – 09:45 Morning session SC DIGE (Pancreas) Intraductal lesions of the pancreas and their biliary counterparts SS PAED The wonderful placenta LC H & N Cancer stem cells and the microenvironment: implications for routine practice SY NAT SOC Joint & DEVEL The beauty of budget pathology SPEC ESP & JSP Joint Recent advances in mo- lecular tumour profiling SC CARD & AUT Joint Cardiac hypertrophy at autopsy: methods of investigation, patterns and grey zones SS INFE & CYTO Joint Pathogens in cytology 10:15 – 12:15 Late morning session SY DIGE (Liver) & MOPA Molecular and morpho- molecular diagnosis of hepatobiliary tumours LC DERM & PAED Joint Melanocytic lesions in children and adolescents SS H & N Challenging cases in head and neck pathol- ogy: when is molecular genetics essential for diagnosis? SS SO-TI & NEURO Joint Bone and soft tissue tumours: the beauty and the beast LC URO WHO classification of genitourinary tract tumours: what is new? SY HIST Origins and impact of pathology organisations SY INFE & NEPH Joint & CARD Organ involvement in COVID-19 – more than the lung 12:45 – 14:15 Industry Satellite Symposia 14:45 – 16:45 Afternoon session SS DIGE (GI) Joint & PAED Paediatric GI pathology: an update for all patholo- gists SC DERM & H&N Joint Epithelial and soft tissue lesions of the head and neck SC ENDO What does molecular data mean for thyroid cancer diagnosis, treatment, and therapy selection? SY PULM Lung pathologist in the COVID-19 pandemic SC URO Digital pathology in the COVID-19 pandemic era SS CARD Endomyocardial biopsy: challenging cases SC INFE & OPHTH Joint Pathology with an eye for infections 17:15 – 18:45 Evening session SC DIGE (GI) GI tract polyps SC DERM Cutaneous soft tissue tumours SY ENDO & IT Joint Digital endocrine pathology SC PULM & CYTO Joint The salad of acronyms: ROSE, FNAC, BASP, BAL SC HIST & URO Joint Historical figures of uropathology SPEC ESP Highlights of the day SY INFE & EM Joint The role of EM in the characterization of a newly emerging pathogen – lessons learned from COVID-19 19:15 – 20:15 ESP General Assembly All sessions run in CEST

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