ECP 2022 Final Programme

Poster Sessions a Wednesday 106 Wednesday, 7 Sept PS-18 PS-19 e Wednesday, 7 September 2022 PS-18 Poster Session Poster Session Autopsy Pathology Chair: Gheorghe-Emilian Olteanu, Romania 001 Coinfection of HIV and COVID-19 Vsevold Zinserling, Russia 002 Clinical and pathological data analysis in 73 deceased patients with previous SARS-CoV-2-associated pneumonia during convalescence period Liudmila Mikhaleva, Russia A. Kontorshchikov, V. Olesya, K. Maslenkina 003 Splenic metastases in forensic pathology Cornelia Amalinei, Romania A. Grigoras, L. Lozneanu, R. Balan, D. Ciobanu-Apostol 004 Lung COVID-19 infection – morphological spectrum and mortality-related risk factors Cornelia Amalinei, Romania L. Riscanu, D. Bulgaru Iliescu, A. Grigoras 005 Morphological peculiarities of liver in patients died of Coronavirus disease: a series of autopsy reports Vitaliy Gargin, Ukraine T. Bocharova, A. Bondarenko, V. Sakal 006 Paraneoplastic syndromes associated with cancers of unknown primary Ákos Jakab, Hungary I. Kocsmár, A. Kiss, Z. Schaff, R. Istók, G. Lotz, É. Kocsmár PS-19 Poster Session Poster Session Cardiovascular Pathology Chair: Katarzyna Michaud, Switzerland 001 Morphometric analysis of aortic wall main components depending on age Iancu Emil Plesea, Romania M. Serbanescu, M. Albu, D. Seicaru, F. Gherghiceanu, F. Giuroiu, P. Chiriac, O. Mirea, R. Plesea 002 An etiological approach to a regional sudden death series Rosa Henriques De Gouveia, Portugal M. Carrington, F. Corte Real, L. Gonçalves, R. Providência 003 Study of morphological patterns of acute cellular rejection (ACR) reactions in endomyocardial biopsies (EMBs) Milda Kupryte, Lithuania E. Gosselin, L. Poškienė 004 Primary heart tumours, a single-center, and 11 years of experience Erva Bengu Balaban, Turkey M. Çıkrıkçıoğlu, H. Kuplay, F. Aker 005 Stereological estimation of myocardial fat and its relation to obesity, epicardial and visceral adipose tissue Pernille Holm, Denmark L. Hindsø, K. Olsen, J. Banner 006 SET7 methyltransferase mediates the up-regulation of NADPH oxidase expression and oxidative stress in the atherosclerotic aorta of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice Adrian Manea, Romania M. Vlad, A. Lazar, S. Manea 007 Histological analysis of arteriovenous fistula specimens created for hemodialysis Emoke Horvath, Romania R. Kaller, B. Suciu, V. Mureșan, M. Jakab, E. Arbanasi

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