ECP 2022 Final Programme

Tuesday, 6 Sept 53 Scientific Programme a Tuesday ECP 2022 Basel 003 08:50–09:00 Diagnostic utility of menin immunohisto- chemistry in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 syndrome patients Anna Vera Verschuur, The Netherlands A. S. Kok, F. Morsink, M. van den Broek, J. Offerhaus, G. Valk, M. Vriens, B. Nesselrooij, W. Hackeng, L. Brosens 004 09:00–09:10 BRAF mutation and AXL (hyper)expression as markers of high risk for persistent/ recurrent papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) Maurizio Martini, Italy C. Pizzimenti, A. Ieni, A. Campennì, L. Giovanella, G. Fadda 005 09:10–09:20 Medullary thyroid carcinoma: conventional and emerging prognostic factors Mohamed Amine Bani, France M. Faron, C. Kanaan, P. Khneisser, L. Lacroix, L. Lamartina, J. Hadoux, D. Hartl, V. Suciu, X. Sastre-garau, E. Baudin, J. Scoazec, A. Al Ghuzlan 006 09:20–09:30 Differential expression profiles of immu- noregulatory genes in poorly-differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinomas progressive from papillary carcinoma Giulia Orlando, Italy J. Metovic, F. Maletta, C. Tampieri, F. Napoli, V. Zambelli, M. Volante, M. Papotti 008 10:30–10:40 High-grade medullary thyroid carcinoma, morphological features and prognostic value of the international grading system Carmen Ariño-Palao, Spain R. Meléndez Gispert, H. Pian-Arias, T. Caniego-Casas, J. Molina Cerrillo, T. Alonso Gordoa, I. Ruz Caracuel 009 10:40–10:50 Apocrine differentiation in salivary duct carcinoma: immunohistochemical evaluation for GATA3, p62 (Sequestosome1) and FABP7 in 106 cases Kimihide Kusafuka, Japan K. Ueda, H. Inagaki, J. Itakura, Y. Otsuki, I. Ito, N. Kuroda, T. Daa, K. Suzuki, H. Iwai, K. Yamanegi, Y. Imamura, M. Hamada, M. Yasuda, S. Baba, E. Nakatani, M. Suzuki 010 10:50–11:00 The prognostic role of cortactin overexpres- sion in oral squamous cell carcinoma of tongue: large cohort study Burcu Toközlü, Turkey D. Sapkota, E. Vallenari, O. Schreurs, T. Soland 011 11:00–11:10 Diagnostic utility of NR4A3 and NR4A2 immunohistochemistry in salivary gland pathology: a single-institution experience with 108 cases of acinic cell carcinoma Natalie Klubickova, Czech Republic A. Skálová, O. Koshyk, E. Mosaieby 012 11:10–11:20 Molecular-genetic profile of sinonasal tumours: molecularly heterogeneous but histologically distinctive low-grade and high-grade tumours Martina Banecková, Czech Republic A. Agaimy, M. Hyrcza, N. Ptáková, P. Martínek, J. Laco, N. Rupp, M. van den Hout, O. Koshyk, M. Michal, A. Skálová 013 11:20–11:30 Update to seromucinous hamartomas and respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartomas with dysplastic features and malignant transformation Martina Banecková, Czech Republic M. Hyrcza, J. Laco, T. Vaněček, P. Martínek, P. Grossmann, S. Ihrler, N. Rupp, F. Petersson, O. Koshyk, D. Spagnolo, J. Sanjiv, M. Schlageter, A. Skálová, M. Michal 014 11:30–11:40 Multiparametric, in situ study of the microenvironment (MTE) of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC): impact of human papillomavirus (HPV). Mac- rophagic Infiltration Study Joey Martin, France M. Durand, C. Lepine, Y. Harrar, J. Bastian, C. Badoual 015 11:40–11:50 Differential expansion of innate lymphoid cells and their role in oral squamous cell carcinoma Sofia Ali Syed, Pakistan M. Qureshi, S. Khan, R. Kumar

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