ECP 2022 Final Programme

Monday, 5 Sept One-Day Molecular Pathology Diagnostics Symposium 72 e Monday, 5 September 2022 MD-01 1-Day MD Symposium 08:30–09:30 Boston Selected Abstracts Chairs: Carina Heydt, Germany Matthias Matter, Switzerland 001 08:30–08:40 Comparison of whole genome with broad gene panel sequencing to identify actionable targets for cancer treatment Daphne Leunissen, The Netherlands L. Kester, E. Driehuis, A. zur Hausen, P. Van Diest, W. de Leng, E. Speel 002 08:40–08:50 Validation of TruSight TM Oncology Comprehensive (EU) assay Victor Sementchenko, USA M. Harris, N. Haseley, A. Yazdanparast, P. Wenz, J. Dockter, T. Pawlowski 003 08:50–09:00 Evaluation of MET amplification in lung cancer via Idylla™ GeneFusion cartridges Janna Siemanowski, Germany V. Welter, A. Ehteschami, A. Quaas, S. Merkelbach-Bruse 004 09:00–09:10 Shallow whole genome sequencing accurately detects homologous recombina- tion deficiency in ovarian cancer Julien Dagher, Switzerland N. Scamuffa, V. Vocat Mottier, K. Lefort, L. de Leval, B. Bisig, E. Missiaglia 005 09:10–09:20 Microsatellite instability in intestinal T-cell lymphomas Edoardo Missiaglia, Switzerland D. Vallois, J. Bouilly, E. Lingre, V. Vocat Mottier, L. Veloza Cabrera, K. Lefort, B. Bisig, L. De Leval 006 09:20–09:30 Discussion MD-02 1-Day MD Symposium 10:30–12:00 Boston Molecular diagnostics on liquid material Chairs: Erik Jan Dubbink, The Netherlands Udo Siebolts, Germany 001 10:30–10:48 Predictive diagnostics on cytological samples in NSCLCs Spasenija Savic-Prince, Switzerland 002 10:48–11:06 Circulating tumour DNA applications in colorectal cancer Nicola Valeri, United Kingdom 003 11:06–11:24 ProBio–a randomized clinical trial in metastatic prostate cancer using ctDNA for biomarker detection Bram De Laere, Sweden 004 11:24–11:42 Detection of gene fusions in liquid biopsies: methodological challenges and clinical fallouts Christian Rolfo, USA 005 11:42–12:00 Molecular minimal residual disease in acute myeloid leukemia Peter Valk, The Netherlands

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