ECP 2022 Final Programme

Poster Sessions a Monday 88 Monday, 5 Sept PS-07 e Monday, 5 September 2022 PS-07 Poster Session Poster Session Digestive Diseases Pathology – GI Chairs: Maria Westerhoff, USA Jean-Francois Fléjou, France Ann Driessen, Belgium 001 Podoplanin expression in neoplastic cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts in colorectal cancer predicts unfavorable clinicopathological features Ricella Souza Da Silva, Portugal E. Queiroga, C. Osório, K. Cunha, E. Dias 002 IgG4 as a biomarker for inflammatory bowel disease Diana-Alexandra Raduta, Romania S. Zurac, M. Busca, R. Ardeleanu, A. Vilaia, A. Dinculescu, M. Filip, L. Liliana Cristina, C. Popp 003 MMR proteins and PD-L1 status: impact on gastric adenocarcinoma’s prognosis Farah Sassi, Tunisia R. Jouini, F. Khanchel, I. Helal, R. Hedhli, H. Zaafouri, M. Sabbah, E. Ben Brahim, A. Chadli Debbiche 004 Pathomorphological and molecular genetic features of serrated colorectal lesions Liudmila Mikhaleva, Russia R. Vandysheva, N. Shakhpazyan, A. Biryukov, M. Guschin 005 Tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) relate to PD-L1 expression and provide prognostic value in stage II and III colon cancer patients Pablo Azcue, France I. Encío, R. Vera, M. Mercado, M. Gómez- Dorronsoro 006 Novel patterns of V-set and immunoglob- ulin domain containing 1 expression in gastric cancer Catalin-Bogdan Satala, Romania I. Jung, Z. Kovacs, R. Stefan-Van Staden, T. Bara, C. Molnar, A. Patrichi, S. Gurzu 007 Serum and mucosal CD30 in pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD): useful biomarkers for diagnosis and disease activity monitoring? Ondrej Fabian, Czech Republic A. Klocperk, T. Lerchova, P. Jencova, L. Stolova, M. Belhajova, D. Voriskova, D. Kazeka, A. Vicha, O. Hradsky, J. Bronsky 008 Assessment of immune T cells expression in colorectal cancer Sabrine Dhouioui, Tunisia N. Boujelbene, I. Zemni, H. Ben Yahia, W. Babay, A. Ben Mansour, K. Mrad, H. Ouzari, I. Zidi 009 HLA-E proteins expression and clinical relevance in colorectal cancer Sabrine Dhouioui, Tunisia N. Boujelbene, I. Zemni, H. Ben Yahia, W. Babay, M. Brahim, H. Ouzari, K. Mrad, I. Zidi 010 Epstein-Barr virus infection in chemoradi- otherapy-naïve gastric adenocarcinoma: relationship with PD-L1 Expression and survival Khouloud Ben Lazreg, Tunisia F. Sassi, R. Jouini, I. Helal, F. Khanchel, R. Hedhli, H. Zaafouri, M. Sabbah, O. Khayat, E. Ben Brahim, A. Chadli 011 Ckit mutations in patients with gastroin- testinal stromal tumours Mukta Ramadwar, India L. Rambadran, O. Shetty, M. Gurav, K. Deodhar, M. Bal, R. Kaushal, S. Yadav, V. Ostwal, M. Bhandare 012 Molecular landscape of rectal cancer patients up to 5th decade – the prelimi- nary results Piotr Lewitowicz, Poland M. Kozlowska-Geller, M. Wawszczak-Kasza, W. Lewitowicz, S. Zieba

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