ECP 2023 Abstracts

Virchows Archiv Editor-in-Chief Abbas Agaimy , Erlangen, Germany Senior Editorial Consultant Sigurd F. Lax , Graz/Linz, Austria Associate Editors Irene Esposito , Düsseldorf, Germany Jason L. Hornick , Boston, MA, USA Xavier Matias-Guiu , Barcelona, Spain Yoshinao Oda , Fukuoka, Japan Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez , Tübingen, Germany Editorial Consultants Ex Officio ESP Aurelio Ariza , Barcelona, Spain Pierre Bedossa , Paris, France Fred T. Bosman , Lausanne, Switzerland Ilmo Leivo , Helsinki, Finland Holger Moch , Zürich, Switzerland Marco Santucci , Florence, Italy President, Secretary and Treasurer of the ESP Aleš Ryška , Hradec Králové, Czech Republic Janina Kulka , Budapest, Hungary Maria Rosaria Raspollini , Florence, Italy Past Editors N. Volkan Adsay , Atlanta, GA, USA Fred T. Bosman , Lausanne, Switzerland Maria de Fátima Carneiro , Porto, Portugal Manfred Dietel , Berlin, Germany Vincenzo Eusebi , Bologna, Italy Masashi Fukayama , Tokyo, Japan Heinz Höfler , Munich, Germany Günter Klöppel , Munich, Germany Hans Kreipe , Hannover, Germany Han van Krieken , Nijmegen, The Netherlands Sunil Lakhani , Brisbane, Australia Cord Langner , Graz, Austria Daniela Massi , Florence, Italy George Netto , Birmingham, AL, USA Aleš Ryška , Hradec Králové, Czech Republic Manuel Sobrinho-Simões , Porto, Portugal Laura J. Tafe , Lebanon, NH, USA Editorial Board Kerstin Amann , Erlangen, Germany Cristina R. Antonescu , New York, NY, USA Kyle Bradley , Atlanta, GA, USA Thomas Brenn , Edinburgh, United Kingdom Judith Bovée , Leiden, The Netherlands Reinhard Büttner , Bonn, Germany Jaime Eduardo Calonje , London, UK Liang Cheng , Providence, RI, USA Beatrix Cochand-Priollet , Paris, France Jane Dahlstrom , Adelaide, Australia Ben Davidson , Oslo, Norway Andrew L. Folpe , Rochester, MN, USA Ronald de Krijger , Rotterdam, The Netherlands Laurence de Leval , Lausanne, Switzerland Michael den Bakker , Rotterdam, The Netherlands Josephine K. Dermawan , Cleveland, Ohio, USA Joachim Diebold , Lucerne, Switzerland Catarina Eloy , Porto, Portugal Arzu Ensari , Ankara, Turkey Fabio Facchetti , Brescia, Italy Falko Fend , Tübingen, Germany Jean-Francois Flejou , Paris, France Christopher Fletcher , Boston, MA, USA Maria Pia Foschini , Bologna, Italy John Gross , Baltimore, MD, USA C. Simon Herrington , Edinburgh, UK David Klimstra , New York, NY, USA Janina Kulka , Budapest, Hungary Maode Lai , Zhejiang, China Stefano La Rosa , Varese, Italy Gregory Y. Lauwers , Tampa, FL, USA Alexander Lazar , Houston, TX, USA Antonio Lopez-Beltran , Cordoba, Spain Claudio Luchini , Verona, Italy Isidro Machado , Valencia, Spain WGlenn McCluggage , Belfast, UK Thomas Mentzel , Friedrichshafen, Germany Michael Michal , Pilsen, Czech Republic Markku Miettinen , Bethesda, MD, USA Holger Moch , Zürich, Switzerland Rodolfo Montironi , Ancona, Italy Vania Nosé , Boston, MA, USA Mauro Papotti , Turin, Italy Giuseppe Pelosi , Milan, Italy Aurel Perren , Bern, Switzerland Guido Rindi , Rome, Italy Christoph Röcken , Kiel, Germany Andreas Rosenwald , Würzburg, Germany Anna Sapino , Turin, Italy Aldo Scarpa , Verona, Italy Peter Schirmacher , Heidelberg, Germany Fernando Schmitt , Porto, Portugal Alena Skálová , Pilsen, Czech Republic David I. Suster , Newark, NJ, USA Puay-Hoon Tan , Singapore Khin Thway , London, UK Tibor Tot , Falun, Sweden Kiril Trpkov , Calgary, Alberta Canada Toyonori Tsuzuki , Nagakute, Japan Marc van de Vijver , Amsterdam, The Netherlands Zsuzsanna Varga , Zürich, Switzerland Giuseppe Viale , Milan, Italy Ilan Weinreb , Toronto, ON, Canada Wentao Yang , Shangai, China Akihiko Yoshida , Tokyo, Japan Giuseppe Zamboni , Verona, Italy Nina Zidar , Ljubljana, Slovenia The European Journal of Pathology OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF PATHOLOGY Aims and Scope Mission statement: To advance the scientific basis of human pathology by the publication (encouragement and dissemination) of high quality research (including molecular and translational studies) and thereby contribute to patient care. Manuscripts of original studies reinforcing the evidence base of modern diagnostic pathology, using immunocytochemical, molecular and ultrastructural techniques, will be welcomed. In addition, papers on critical evaluation of diagnostic criteria but also broadsheets and guidelines with a solid evidence base will be considered. Consideration will also be given to reports of work in other fields relevant to the understanding of human pathology as well as manuscripts on the application of new methods and techniques in pathology. Submission of purely experimental articles is discouraged but manuscripts on experimental work applicable to diagnostic pathology are welcomed. Biomarker studies are welcomed but need to abide by strict rules (e.g. REMARK) of adequate sample size and relevant marker choice. Single marker studies on limited patient series without validated application will as a rule not be considered. Case reports will only be considered when they provide substantial new information with an impact on understanding disease or diagnostic practice. Copyright Information For A uthors As soon as an article is accepted for publication , authors will be requested to assign copyright of the article (or to grant exclusive publication and dissemination rights ) to the publisher ( respective the owner if other than Springer Nature ) . This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws. More information about copyright regulations for this journal is available at For Readers While the advice and information in this journal is believed to be true and accurate at the date of its publication , neither the authors , the editors , nor the publisher can accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have been made. The publisher makes no warranty , express or implied , with respect to the material contained herein. 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