ADHD 2023 - Congress Programme

40 SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME Saturday, 20 May 2023 P-27-014 Looking beyond the adverse effects of digital technologies on adolescents with ADHD: The case for resilience H. Theron, South Africa D. Rosenstein, D. McCoubrey, T. du Plessis P-27-015 Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the compensatory ADHD be- haviors scale S. Zhang, China C. Chen, Y. Zhou, M. Pan, H. Li, M. Zhao, L. Liu, Y. Wang, Q. Qian HT-18 Hot Topic Session 15:30–17:00 G102-103 What is new in digital psychiatry for ADHD? Chairs: M. Döpfner, Germany J. Kuntsi, United Kingdom HT-18-001 Designing, testing and implementing remote monitoring systems for ADHD: successes (and some failures) on the road to scaling up remote technologies for NHS healthcare J. Downs, United Kingdom HT-18-002 Web-based and mobile-based parent management training for parents of chil- dren with ADHD and other externalizing disorders: development and evaluation M. Döpfner, Germany HT-18-003 ADHD Remote Technology (ART) research programme: from current research to- wards future clinical application J. Kuntsi, United Kingdom HT-19 Hot Topic Session 15:30–17:00 G106 ADHD in college students Chairs: K. Antshel, USA B. Molina, USA HT-19-001 Malingering detection K. Antshel, USA HT-19-002 Psychostimulant misuse and diversion B. Molina, USA HT-19-003 Parental involvement in treatment M. Meinzer, USA HT-19-004 What is the evidence for accommodations in college? A. Caye, Brazil HT-20 Hot Topic Session 15:30–17:00 G104-105 Living with adult ADHD every day Chairs: J. Koerts, The Netherlands O. Tucha, Germany HT-20-001 ADHD and work A. Fuermaier, The Netherlands HT-20-002 Social skills, social relationships and mar- riage in adult ADHD C. Mette, Germany HT-20-003 Finances in everyday life of adults with ADHD J. Koerts, The Netherlands HT-20-004 The psychoeducational needs of adults with ADHD O. Tucha, Germany HT-21 Hot Topic Session 15:30–17:00 Emerald Room Legal problems in adults with ADHD Chairs: Y. Ginsberg, Sweden W. Retz, Germany HT-21-001 Association of emotional dysregulation and delinquency in adults with ADHD Y. Ginsberg, Sweden HT-21-002 ADHD and sexuality: A cause of legal problems D. Turner, Germany HT-21-003 Interpersonal problems and intimate violence in adults with ADHD W. Retz, Germany

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