ECP 2022 Final Programme

Sunday, 4 Sept 28 Scientific Programme a Saturday / Sunday Saturday, 3 Sept e Saturday, 3 September 2022 OC-01 Special Session 19:00–20:00 San Francisco Opening Ceremony e Sunday, 4 September 2022 SPEC-01 Special Session 08:30–12:00 San Francisco Special Session ESP Education Subcom- mittee: Next generation teaching in pathology Chairs: Xavier Matias-Guiu Guia, Spain Andrzej Marszalek, Poland 001 08:30–08:40 Introduction Xavier Matias-Guiu Guia, Spain 002 08:40–09:00 Teaching quality control Catarina Eloy, Portugal 003 09:00–09:20 Teaching digital pathology and artificial intelligence Marcial Garcia Rojo, Spain 004 09:20–09:30 Q&A–Part I 005 10:30–10:50 Teaching molecular pathology in 2022 Paul Hofman, France 006 10:50–11:10 Teaching precision pathology in 2022; a shift in perspective Enrique de Alava, Spain 007 11:10–11:30 Next generation teaching in pathology, the oncologist perspective Christoph Benedikt Westphalen, Germany 008 11:30–11:50 Integrative or disintegrative pathology, teaching aspects Andrzej Marszalek, Poland 009 11:50–12:00 Q&A–Part II SY-01 Symposium 08:30–12:00 Singapore Joint Symposium Breast Pathology & IT in Pathology: AI in breast pathology: ready for prime time? Chairs: Simone Münst, Switzerland Antonio Polonia Oliveira, Portugal 001 08:30–08:45 Is AI ready for prime time? Balazs Acs, Sweden 002 08:45–09:00 Ki67 in breast cancer/e-validation using IBCSG 8/9 clinical trials Zsuzsanna Varga, Switzerland Inti Zlobec, Switzerland 003 09:00–09:15 AI for breast cancer diagnosis Francesco Ciompi, The Netherlands 004 09:15–09:30 How does breast pathology diagnostic work digital? Paul Van Diest, The Netherlands 005 10:30–10:45 Internet security in digital pathology diagnostics? Francesco Martino, Italy 006 10:45–11:00 Prediction of molecular subtypes in breast cancer using digital analyses Antonio Polonia Oliveira, Portugal 007 11:00–11:15 Functional precision medicine of solid tumors–AI-guided selection & analysis of patient-derived cells Vilja Pietiäinen, Finland 008 11:15–12:00 Panel discussion: Is AI ready for prime time? (Discussion with all chairs and speakers)

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