ECP 2022 Final Programme

Sunday, 4 Sept Scientific Programme a Sunday 29 ECP 2022 Basel LC-01 Long Course 08:30–12:00 Sydney Head & Neck Pathology: Salivary gland pathology Chairs: Alena Skálová, Czech Republic Roderick Simpson, United Kingdom 001 08:30–08:50 New developments of genetics in salivary gland tumours Alena Skálová, Czech Republic 002 08:50–09:20 The disputed role of grading in salivary gland carcinoma Ilmo Leivo, Finland 003 09:20–09:30 Q&A–Part I 004 10:30–11:00 Why is the histomorphological diagnosis of tumours of minor salivary glands much more difficult? Stephan Ihrler, Germany 005 11:00–11:30 New developments in intraductal carcinoma Emmanuelle Uro-Coste, France 006 11:30–11:50 The diagnosis of salivary gland cytology with the Milan System. Update from the 2nd edition Esther Diana Rossi, Italy 007 11:50–12:00 Q&A–Part II LC-02 Long Course 08:30–12:00 Montreal Joint Long Course Nephropathology & Cardiovascular Pathology & Digestive Diseases Pathology & Pulmonary Pathology: Primer on solid organ transplant pathology Chairs: Helmut Hopfer, Switzerland Gregor Vlacic, Slovenia Alberto Quaglia, United Kingdom Annalisa Angelini, Italy 001 08:30–08:42 Introduction to solid organ transplantation Helmut Hopfer, Switzerland 002 08:42–08:50 Diagnosing rejection in the heart Chiara Baldovini, Italy 003 08:50–08:58 Diagnosing rejection in the lung M. Angeles Montero Fernandez, United Kingdom 004 08:58–09:06 Diagnosing rejection in the liver Alberto Quaglia, United Kingdom 005 09:06–09:14 Diagnosing rejection in the pancreas Maike Büttner-Herold, Germany 006 09:14–09:22 Diagnosing rejection in the kidney Joris Roelofs, The Netherlands 007 09:22–09:30 Questions and answers with chairs and speakers 008 10:30–10:40 Assessment of donor organs in liver transplantation Sanjay Kakar, USA 009 10:40–10:50 Delayed graft function in kidney transplan- tation Nicolas Kozakowski, Austria 010 10:50–11:00 Late onset acute allograft dysfunction in heart transplantation Jean Paul Duong Van Huyen, France 011 11:00–11:10 Mimickers of rejection in lung transplanta- tion Anja Roden, USA 012 11:10–11:20 Mimickers of rejection in liver transplanta- tion Alberto Quaglia, United Kingdom 013 11:20–11:30 Chronic allograft dysfunction in the heart Marny Fedrigo, Italy 014 11:30–11:40 De novo DSA and antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplantation Candice Roufosse, United Kingdom

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